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I am having the same problem as you with my 2013 60hp Honda engine "making oil" is now 1/4 inch over full mark and honda rep is telling me to keep running it ..I've had this problem since the motor was new..Honda keeps putting me off or doing things that do not help..I can smell gas on the dipstick and it is now separating the gas and oil on the dipstick, but the honda rep just told me to run it more hours...If anyone can tell what the problem is, I would appreciate..The thermostat has been changed and the oil has been changed numerous times, but that doesn't seem to help....all i have is 62 hrs. on the motor and the oil has been changed 4 times..e-mail me @ or post here

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Port Angeles, Washington, United States #1302393

I have maintained different makes and models of outboards for many years and if your oil level in a four stroke is rising after use then you are getting gas in your oil.One reason why check your thermostat and see if you have one some people take them out to run cooler, big mistake this will cause unburnt gas to leak into your crank case causing to high of oil level.Make sure needle seats-floats in carburetors are ok.The four strokes need to run hot enough to burn all the fuel or the unburnt fuel leaks past the rings into crank case not good cause you can wash out the rings.

to jeff Port Angeles, Washington, United States #1302394

If your thermostat checks ok then maybe your impeller is pumping water to fast and you need to restrict the flow, talk to dealer mechanic for best way to slow down heavy ***.Smaller outlet hose or outlet nipple.

Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada #1285905

Hello seem that I'm having the same problem with a 2012 60 Honda. Can't find any answers.

Have u found any answers? Thanks

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